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Process of a dream comes true!

Rotapharm was established in 2005 as a British generic pharmaceutical company by pharmaceutical professionals who are experienced more than 35 years of extensive knowledge of Distribution, Sales and Marketing. Our talented founders accordingly embraced the company’s culture and considered necessary to move the company forward to greater accountability and sustainable success due to their huge experience on different positions in many of the multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Those different business insights came on the stage at Rotapharm organization. Rotapharm, with a vision for innovation and excellence in science of its founders with a huge experience, skills and knowledge that still exists today has since grown into a fully integrated international pharmaceutical company and reached the targets with a pipeline of investigational drug candidates, as well as a successfully commercialized medicines that are now approved in more than 20 countries worldwide.

For the next several years, significant focusing and configuration took place within Rotapharm, as well as considerable improvements in the scale and strength of commercial operations comparable to the most of the multi-national pharmaceutical companies.

Rotapharm actively cooperates with many distributors and has created its own distributor companies. With regard to this, a special attention is paid to large national as well as regional distributors.

Making Improvements in People’s Life Possible!​

Corporate Global Headquarters Ground Floor, Gadd House, Arcadia Avenue, Finchley, LONDONN3 2JU, United Kingdom