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Business Philosophy

Focusing on Core Areas of Activities in Different Therapeutic Groups

Rotapharm is a leading specialty pharmaceutical company that manufactures and markets innovative branded, quality generic and unique specialty ingredient products. Rotapharm has broad marketing and sales capabilities through its wholly owned subsidiaries, participating in the value-added specialty ingredient marketplace. company_foto This unique blend of quality and marketing proficiency has combined to produce a long history of record breaking financial performance.

In its early years, Rotapharm focused on building top-notch science and business teams to help achieve this vision. Attracted by entrepreneurial spirit, and rapid growth, Rotapharm earned the attention and respect of some of the best healthcare and business people around the world.

Beginning in 2006, Rotapharm created strategic alliances with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies such as QUALIPHAR – GIFRER – France – Belgium, KLEVA – Greece, ABC FARMACEUTICI – Italy, VECCHI & PIAM – Italy, BIOMED – Poland, MAGISTRA – Romania, ROMFARM – Romania, LDP LABORATORIOS TOPLAN – Spain, RIVOPHARM – Switzerland, BILIM – Turkey, BIOFARMA – Turkey, ADIPHARM – Bulgaria, KENDY – Bulgaria, GNP – Egypt, EIPICO – Egypt, SEDICO – Egypt, ACARPIA – Portugal, BAILLY – CREAT – France.With an integrated science and technology platform, expertise in manufacturing due to cGMP, clinical and BE studies performed due to GCP & GLP, and industry-leading partnerships, the company was well suited to be a competitive presence in the market.

Making Improvements in People’s Life Possible!​

Corporate Global Headquarters Ground Floor, Gadd House, Arcadia Avenue, Finchley, LONDONN3 2JU, United Kingdom